Answered By: Brad Matthies
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Buying computer technology on the enterprise level seems to get more and more challenging all the time.  We have in the past received requests for computer equipment via sticky note, hallway conversation, email, phone, SchoolDude/work order etc. and compiled orders from all these different sources.  This has led to inefficiencies, some inaccuracies and challenges in compiling the list in a timely manner.  When we can get everyone on the same page and make large orders we can get the greatest buying power. Large orders do give us more buying leverage and allow us to address more computing needs campus wide. This will be even more important as the state surfs turbulent fiscal waters in coming years   


To make the process more efficient we have a new online computer equipment budgeting and request form available from LaunchPad. This request form includes desktops, laptops, tablets, printers etc. You'll need to add the Computer Equipment request icon (shown below) to your LaunchPad cloud desktop from the Enterprise Resource Library in order to access to the new form.


Adding a CC specific icon is also described in the following video:

Once you have added the Computer Equipment Icon to LaunchPad you may complete the budgeting / equipment request form as shown in the video link below:


Individual Requests

Submitting a request does not necessarily mean that the equipment will be ordered.  

We still recommend you work with your department chair and/or dean to identify appropriate technology needs. You certainly can submit individual request, however, once you have submitted the request  your department head will automatically be notified of the submitted request submitted via email. We do plan to push all requests through this process.   


Budget Requests

The other use for this request form is in budget preparation.  You can complete the equipment request and because you will receive copy you will have budget pricing and supporting documentation for your institutional budget request.


Confirming With Deans and Department Heads

Prior to IT placing an order the Deans and Directors will be contacted to confirm requested items and to confirm funding sources.  


Frequency of Orders

To create consistency in the ordering process we would like to generally place 3 orders a year.   One in the spring, fall and fiscal year end.  We do understand there are emergencies and special circumstances which require that we deviate from this sequence.  However, this will give us time to accumulate a sizable order which give us the greatest buying power.     



This process will help us:

  1. Prepare better information for budget requests

  2. Handle fewer individual orders and make the best use of limited staff

  3. Standardize and aggregate orders,  

  4. Inform deans and department heads of said requests

  5. Publicize current specs and pricing for users to be able select from

  6. Provide a way to submit non standard requests via a comment section.  NOTE: If the request is non standard we will contact the requester to obtain more information.